R100 000 Cash prize winner

We’ve got another King Pie Winner

There’s nothing more satisfying than to fletcherize one of our Mnandi-licious King Pie meals, and complete your meal with a cool beverage.

Here at King Pie South Africa, we love helping people realise their dreams and flourish to their full potential, so best believe, dreams do come true, with King Pie.

Speaking of dreams coming true, we would like to congratulate the proud winner of a R100 000 Cash prize – Cordelia Nhathi. Cordelia, who bought a King Pie meal on the 7th of July, from King Pie Makopane Shoprite probably had no idea about what was coming next. Aged 28, Cordelia is a mother of two and is over-the-moon about her prize money.

Cordelia is currently unemployed, and plans to use the money to get and education and study bookkeeping, which will not only empower her, but help her to secure her children’s future. We wish Cordelia well and much luck in her academic endeavors.

Who knows… you, too, could be the next winner of a R100 000, so think like a winner, and step into your nearest King Pie and enjoy South Africa’s favourite Pies.

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