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Awesome Activities for Spring

In the one of our August blog posts, we discussed a few creative ways to keep cool during the warmer conditions we’ll be facing during Spring. In keeping with the theme of the new season and the warmer weather it brings with it, we have decided to give you a few fun activities for Spring.

Warmer weather means you get to go out more, do exciting things, and enjoy a King Pie or two. Below, we look at a few feel-good activities that will probably be conducive to you having a Mnandi-licious season.

Hit the Gym

Exercise isn’t only great for your physical appearance. In fact, there are a host of other benefits that come with occasionally hitting the gym. If you want to feel better, think better, be sharper and have more energy – then you should definitely include more gym time in your Spring schedule.

Keep Walking

Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that is available to everyone. Walking helps to strengthen your heart, and tone up both your legs and buttocks. So, if breaking a sweat through high-impact exercises at the gym isn’t your thing, then taking a long walk is a brilliant alternative.

Take it back to the beach

From the glorious beachfronts of Durban to the scenic waters of Cape Town, there is a lot to enjoy from the Mzansi coastline. So why not fly down or, even better, road trip to one of these wonderful locations?


This is another low-impact activity, which is amazing for your health and all round happiness. Spending time in water helps you feel good, while also strengthening muscles. Also, swimming pools go hand-in-hand with pool parties. Who doesn’t love a good pool party?

Visit your nearest King Pie store

With our delicious, mouth-watering variety of Mnandi-licious pies, baked with the finest ingredients, visiting a King Pie stores is always a good idea. Along with our tasty pies, we have plenty of cooling refreshments to keep your days extra cool.

Make the most of the sunny weather and clear, blue skies this Spring. Don’t hesitate to come into a King Pie, and take advantage of one of our Mnandi-licious deals.



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Keep it Cool this Spring!

Winter is rapidly melting away, and it is almost time for Spring. For all of us at King Pie, Spring represents new life, flowers blooming, the leaves being restored to their natural green and Mnandi-licious refreshments. However, what does one do when the sun is shining at its Zenith and the heat becomes unbearable?

Besides for finding shelter in your nearest King Pie store, here are a few tips on how to stay cool and fresh this Spring.



It’s always good science, to keep yourself hydrated with some government juice, so make sure you drink between 6 and 10 glasses of water per day. Heat can be exhausting if an adequate amount of water isn’t consumed, daily.


Keep cool and don’t drape yourself in heavy layers. Heat is trapped by Synthetic fibre, but cotton, on the other hand, absorbs perspiration and its evaporation. So stock up on the light and cotton-based, this Spring.


Sunscreen helps protect your skin, keeps you looking young and decreases chances of skin damage. So, no sunscreen no play!

  1. 50 SHADES OF RAY:

A decent pair of sunglasses will aid in protecting your eyes, minimising brightness and helping you look cool and trendy. So be sure to get yourself a pair of stunners this Spring.


We hope you’re as excited about Spring as we are, and that these tips help you to keep it chilled and crispy in the heat.

Don’t forget to visit your nearest King Pie Store, get your fix of your favourite pie, and an ice-cold drink to wash it down.


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Giving Back with King Pie

For all of us at King Pie, giving back to the communities of our wonderful country is something that we cherish. Our objective is to give love, joy, excitement and opportunities to the youth (the future of South Africa).

King Pie’s competitions afford our fellow funky South Africans the chance to win meals, airtime and R100 000 in cash. Our competitions are fun for all involved, but the best part for us is seeing the smiles on the faces of all of our prize winners.

King Pie is also serious about making the world a better place for children. We sponsor Youth Zone sporting events and colouring in competitions for children, across the country, and we love every minute of time we get to spend with these special children.
King Pie Youth Zone    King Pie
We always thought that a great pie is filled with love, and we have enough love to make Mnandi-licious pies and put Mnandi-licious smiles on the faces of South Africans.

Selling delicious pies allows us to be able to put smiles on the faces of South Africa’s children. Why not stop by your nearest King Pie store for a Chicken, Steak & Kidney or Pepper Steak Pie with a side of your choice.



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It’s Youth Day and we have a WINNER!

We have come a long way in 21 years, and once again it is time to commemorate one of the most important days in our country’s history. The 16th of June is Youth Day, and brings with it a mixture of celebration and sorrow. Whilst we celebrate the freedom and rights of the South African youth, we mourn their history and the deaths of too many, on this day in 1976.

With the bitter, must come the sweet, and King Pie have decided to add to the celebration of South Africa’s youth by announcing our next R100 000 winner.

Congratulations to Zwidofhela Nthangeni on being King Pie’s second winner of R100 000 CASH.

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the winnings of this awesome lady at the same time that we celebrate the freedom and rights of the youth in South Africa.

The Next King Pie Winner could be YOU! Stay up-to-date with our promotions and competitions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Remember that all you have to do to enter is come into your nearest King Pie Store and purchase a Mnandi-licious meal of your choice.

Good Luck South Africa, and here’s to infinite years of freedom and joy!

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A Pie at YOUR Doorstep

When you get those hunger pangs, coming up to your ½ hour lunch break, your mind starts to wonder to all the potential options to stop the growl. You were too tired to make and pack a lunch the night before, so you assess your nearby lunch options. Your criteria? It must be close-by, it must be quick, it must be tasty, it must not empty your pockets and it must be filling.

With 250 stores nationwide, there is sure to be a King Pie near you. It is a quick, easy and a value-for-money meal, promising to leave you satisfied, and ready to take on the afternoon slog. Whether you turn left or right, follow the delicious aroma wafting through your doorstep, and make your way to the nearest King Pie store. Whether it’s a Kings Meal, a Value Meal, a Double Filla, and a side order of chips, there is always something to satisfy every craving…

If you’re extremely pressed for time, why not view King Pie’s online menu, find what you want before you even enter the store, and make your lunchtime even simpler, and more convenient. With King Pie’s selection of Cornish Pies, Chicken Pies, Pepper Steak Pies, Steak & Kidney Pies and Salami and Cheese Pies, there is no doubt that you’ll find a mnandi-licious meal.

So when you’re feeling hungry, remember that there is a King Pie on your doorstep, ready to welcome you with a smile and a mnandi-licious, value-for-money meal!


Reward yourself with a Pie this Workers’ Month

The month of May begins, every year, with Worker’s Day – one of the most important days on South Africa’s calendar.

This day celebrates those who wake up each day, with the intention of putting food on their tables, roofs over the heads of their families, and the drive and determination that this takes. It further celebrates South Africa’s 21 year old democracy, and the rights of each and every South African to choose the work and career that they want.

At King Pie, this notion is extremely special to us, and we see the whole month of May as Worker’s Month. So, no matter who you are, we welcome you into our stores, and we salute you!

Why not reward yourselves, this worker’s month with a tasty, affordable meal from King Pie? Our value for money Mnandi-licious meals come in all shapes and sizes, with a drink of your choice and a side of chips to complete your meal.

King Pie’s menu is vast, and our pies are the result of hard work, love, attention and a constant eye towards perfection. Our delicious fillings, whether steak and kidney, chicken etc. are housed in the best puff pastry you could ask for.

So, no matter where you are, if you’re coming from home or from work, King Pie welcomes you. Take a well-deserved break from your day, and come to King Pie for a snack or a meal.

If you aren’t sure of where your nearest King Pie store is located, click here, and we will show you!

Happy Worker’s Month, South Africa!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our dedicated staff members. You make us who we are, and we wouldn’t be the King of Pies without you.

Pies are delicious

Why Choose King Pie?

If you’re a pie lover, you love the convenience, the warmth, the pastry and the filling. You love that feeling of complete satisfaction, licking the remnants of that flavoursome filling off your lips.

If you’re a pie lover, you also know that the type of pie you eat does matter. You want the most delicious pastry. You want the freshest pie, the most delicious pie, the pie that has a generous portion of filling. You want a pie that uses fresh ingredients. You want 100% meat. You want to know that you aren’t putting unknown, potentially strange things into your body.

Well, with King Pie you can rest assured that the pie you are getting is made of the freshest ingredients, the best quality products, and the most delicious variety of generously portioned fillings.

With King Pie you are ensured a fantastic choice of meal. It is quick, convenient, and the best value for money you can hope for!

So, next time you simply have to satisfy that pie craving, or need a quick, convenient and filling meal on-the-go, choose King Pie. We guarantee that you won’t regret the Mnandi-liciousness!

Facts for the Soul

King Pie Facts for the Soul

King Pie is so much more than South Africa’s hub to get a quick meal or pie fix – it is also packed with facts and education that apply to many different subjects.

Whether it’s science, biology or geography, King Pie’s tastes are matched only by our awesome facts!


King Pie’s products are regularly DNA tested by mad pie scientists

Each batch is taste tested before being released, to ensure that they tantalise even the most fussy of taste buds

Pies are also tested by an independent laboratory for pathogens – these are bacterium that can reproduce in the human body, and cause disease

Quality checks are performed during manufacturing, ensuring that all ingredients used are fresh, and of the highest quality

Biology and Home Economics

King Pie’s pastries have no rising agents – we prefer to do things the natural way

King Pie only uses trans-fat free puff pastry which, in terms of pastry, gives you the best and crispiest puff

Only 100 % pure meat is used in the pies – a fantastic source of protein

Pies are freshly baked in stores, for fresh goodness – because pie lovers deserve the best!


There is a King Pie near you. Each store is conveniently located, nationwide. You can even calculate the distance from your home, office or school, to your nearest King Pie store. Visit the store locator to find your nearest Royal delight –


Tantalise your taste buds and tempt your thirst for knowledge with King Pie’s, value for money, Mnandi-licious Meals!

King Pie Prizes

And the Winner Is – Sylvia Seopela!

For those of you who have chosen to satisfy your appetite with King Pie, besides for being scrumptiously full, you are probably wondering if your winning streak is going to culminate in R100 000 CASH…

For one, awesome individual – it did!

King Pie would, officially, like to congratulate our first R100 000 cash winner – Sylvia Seopela!

All she did was come into King Pie Church Street in Pretoria, and purchase a meal. And, now she walks away with R100 000, to do with what she fancies.

Next time, this could be you! So, come tantalise your taste buds, at your nearest King Pie store, and stand a chance to win FREE Product Giveaways, Airtime and another R100 000 cash in your pocket when you buy any combo or the promotion.

Keep your eyes and ears glued to our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, for more competition details.


Start thinking about what YOU would do with R100 000 CASH?!

The Next Mnandi-licious Winner could be YOU!!!

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Share the Royal Love

While we should see every day as an opportunity to show our appreciation for the people we love, the month of February provides us with the perfect platform to do so. Malls and quick-shops are bursting with hearts, chocolates and fluffy toys, restaurants are booked in advance, and flower vendors are seeing a boom in their sales.

We, at King Pie, believe that the beginning of any true relationship is met with openness and sharing. So, we have decided to open the doors to our heart and soul, and invite YOU to join us on a tour of our King Pie factory.

Come and see the creation process of our quality, wholesome pies in all of their variations, including, the February favourite – Double Filla Steak & Kidney and our famous Chicken & Mushroom.

To request a Factory Tour Visit, click here to fill out the form, using ‘Factory Tour’ as the subject line.

Remember King Pie are also giving away R100 000 CASH and prizes in the month of love. Stop by any King Pie store for a value for meal, to remind your taste buds of the love affair to be had with King Pie…