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Celebrating National Pie Day on eNCA
Once a year, we are lucky enough to celebrate a very special day in the
annual calendar – National Pie Day.
The pie is loved across South Africa, not only for its delicious taste and
different fillings, but for its affordability and convenience. Best enjoyed as
a meal, either when you’re on the go (between a busy work/study
schedule) or at home with a tasty salad, the pie is something of a South
African tradition.
While National Pie Day may only come around once a year, we at King Pie
like to celebrate the pie every minute of every day.
We pride ourselves on ensuring that each royal customer receives the
best from their experience. That’s why we go to great lengths to create
the perfect tasting pie. Each pie is lovingly created and strive to provide
consistent quality by using only the finest quality ingredients.
Speaking to this ethos, Andre Els, CEO of King Pie, was recently
interviewed on eNCA to chat about King Pie and National Pie Day. He
believes a pie is so much more than just a snack, it’s a cost-effective, truly
South African meal to enjoy