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Winners from our 25th birthday celebrations tell us what it meant to them to win a brand new car.

Celebrating our 25th birthday – a big milestone for us as a brand – this year wouldn’t have be as special as it was, if we didn’t have the opportunity to share in the festivities with our communities and royal King Pie customers.

As part of the big birthday celebrations we thought it would be rather fitting to give away 16 Datsun GOs to lucky royal customers around the country over our two month campaign. It was wonderful to partake in the joyous moments when customers were informed that they have won a car, and to have shared this with them made the celebrations extremely special for us.

After the realisation had set in, and all the winners had received the keys to their brand new set of wheels, we asked a few of them to share what it meant to them to win a car.

Felicia Cornellissen, who won her Datsun GO through the Bellville Middestad King Pie store in the Western Cape, told us about her unbelievable story. This is what she had to say…

“Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would become the owner of a brand new car. Winning my beautiful Datsun Go during the King Pie 25th birthday celebrations was a surreal experience. I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t sleep for a week once I was told I had won. I couldn’t believe it was real.

I almost didn’t enter the competition. I was about to walk out and one of the King Pie employees at the Bellville store told me to SMS my unique code as I could win a car. It was only then that I stopped to think about it and enter. I only entered once. I couldn’t believe my luck. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  

I have been using public transport most of my life to get to and from work. I am busy with driving lessons so that I can start driving my new car around town. I am going for my learners test in the new year.  I am really looking forward to not taking public transport all the time as well as having to get up at 04h00 in the morning to go to work, I have a little more time to sleep in now. I treat my new car with pride and joy, no one in the family is allowed to come close to it yet (chuckles).  

I love you King Pie and really appreciate what you have done for the community and how you give back in such a big way. I visit the store every month for my favourite pie and chips, its my special breakfast treat.  

I am so grateful and thankful. I just love the car. King Pie…WOW. Thank you again.”

Nolufefe Ganyaza Tshandu won his car through the King Pie Store situated at Watergate in Mitchells Plain said,

“I am very grateful to have won this car. Thank you King Pie, you have made my year. I am simply over the moon. I hope you continue to such great initiatives in the future. You are simply the best King Pie! “

Elvis Gumede, a teacher from Witbank, was delighted to have won a car for his family to use.

“Thank you to King Pie for presenting me with this beautiful new car. It is now the Gumedes’ family car. It has helped change our lives and together, we pass our unwavering appreciation to your company. We had such a great time receiving the car from the King Pie family. May God Bless your business to grow from strength to strength.”

For us as a team, it really is an honour and privilege to see how this campaign has helped improved peoples lives. Between letting a customer sleep in a ‘little later’ to witnessing an entire family come together and benefit from this, is the greatest 25th birthday present of all.

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