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Balanced Eating on the run!


South Africans certainly love their fast food. According to a survey completed a few years ago by Market research firm Analytix Consumer Analysis, the percentage of South Africans who eat out at least once a month increased by over ten percent from 2008 to 2012 – and this number is set to increase by almost six percent every year until 2017. With time pressures, load shedding and convenience all effecting our daily lives, fast food often is the best choice to make when it comes to grabbing a lunch or dinner on the go – even if a home cooked meal may be the healthier option.

When it comes to healthy eating advice, we have all heard it all. Eat your vegetables, eat less processed foods, and drink plenty of water. On the top of the list of things to not eat is definitely fast food of any kind – or at least, that is what we think. Common sense dictates that perhaps it isn’t fast food that is the problem, but more how much of it we eat. When the fast food we consume is of a high quality, then it can certainly form a part of an occasional treat.

When it comes to quality pies, King Pie can offer fast food that is a cut above the rest. Each pie is made with 84 layers of trans-fat free traditional flaky puff pastry. Trans fat is considered to be unhealthy, as it increasing the risk of heart disease by increasing a person’s bad cholesterol, while lowering their good cholesterol. All pies are tested continually to make sure that they contain no illness causing pathogens, and each pie will further go through a 35 point quality check during the manufacturing process. A quick visit to the King Pie website offers customers the chance to view an ingredient declaration – so you can see exactly what goes into each pie.

At the end of the day, it is common sense that eating nothing but fast food all day would not be very beneficial to one’s health. However, with King Pie’s wholesome ingredients, it’s safe to say that it would make an excellent weekly treat!


10 Easy Steps to CV Writing

A CV or ‘curriculum vitae’ is like a professional window to your skills and passions. It is the first step in a journey towards finding a job. Presenting a CV that is easy to read, short, and grammatically correct, is very important. Many CV’s are overlooked due to their being difficult to read, grammatically incorrect, or structurally complicated.

Follow these easy steps, from King Pie, to make your first step to finding a job, that much easier:

  1. Cover Page: Your Cover Page states your name, the year, and the title of the document – Curriculum Vitae.
  2. The First Page: This states your age, ID number, and all of your contact details.
  3. Keep it Short: Avoid lengthy explanations and too much detail. Short and sweet is the way to go. A CV should never be over five pages. Three pages is a good length.
  4. Divide Information: Your CV should separate, and have different headings for: education, employment history, skills and interests/passions. If you are just leaving matric, and have never worked, do not stress. No one expects you to have worked.
  5. Most Recent First: Always put your most recent job / level of education first, and work your way back to the earliest. You need not put where you went to pre-primary or nursery school.
  6. Check spelling: A spelling error in a CV is considered a sin. It immediately puts people off hiring you, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.
  7. Formal Style: Only use Words that are Found in a Dictionary: We do not write in the same way in which we converse, IM or text. We have to write in full sentence and using full words. It must be formal. No ‘cuz’ instead of because, no ‘luv’ instead of love, no ‘ur’ instead of you’re or your, and no ‘r’ instead of are etc.
  8. No Colloquial Speak: Again, remember that a CV is a professional window to your capabilities. You must ensure that you avoid writing the way you speak. Example of errors: “I like OMG, love it when people are like you’re so totes amaze”.
  9. Full Words: it is I am instead of I’m, cannot instead of can’t, did not instead of didn’t etc.
  10. Check your Grammar: In order to avoid grammar errors, it is best to keep sentences short and sweet. More lengthy sentences become complicated, and are where most grammar issues are found. Remember: short sentences must still be full sentences. Adding full stops for fun, is not an option. Make sure that your sentences make sense according the rules of language.

We hope that these steps make your CV writing a little easier. If you have just finished Matric, and are applying for your very first job, good luck with big wide world…

Remember, King Pie cares about more that giving you the tastiest pies. We care about your future!