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Expanding the King Pie Kingdom

Expanding the King Pie Kingdom

King Pie Expansion Within The Forecourt Market Over the past 28 years, we have successfully built up a strong national footprint of franchise stores. Recently, as part of our footprint expansion strategy, we engaged with various fuel companies and opened…

King Pie History and Legacy

The Making of a Rich Legacy and Heritage

The King Pie Story As we celebrate our South African heritage this month, it is only apt that we look and dive into King Pie’s rich legacy and vibrant heritage, one that has kept South Africans happy and full with…

Pie History of King Pie

History of the Pie

Pie History – A journey through time In South Africa, we sure do love a delicious pie. Whether it is one filled with pepper steak or creamy spinach and feta, the pie is a firm favourite across the board. However,…

King Pie Delicious Soup Promo

Serving up some seriously delicious soup

King Pie’s soup is back to help keep you warm this winter. We are all feeling the winter nip. The coats are on, the scarves are nestled comfortably around our shoulders and it’s time to beat the chilling feels of…

National Pie Day ENCA feature

The King of Pies

Celebrating National Pie Day on eNCA Once a year, we are lucky enough to celebrate a very special day in the annual calendar – National Pie Day. The pie is loved across South Africa, not only for its delicious taste…

Footlong - Cheese Russian
Burger - Chicken Peri Peri Burger
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Burger - Cheese Burger
Burger - Chicken Burger
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Footlong - Boerie
Cocktail - Chicken
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Double Filla - Butter Chicken
Double Filla - Chicken & Mushroom
Double Filla - Chicken Ala King
Double Filla - Chicken Mayo
Double Filla - Pepper Steak
Double Filla - Spicy Beef
Double Filla - Steak & Cheese
Double Filla - Steak & Kidney
Chicken Ingredients