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Keep it Cool this Spring!

Winter is rapidly melting away, and it is almost time for Spring. For all of us at King Pie, Spring represents new life, flowers blooming, the leaves being restored to their natural green and Mnandi-licious refreshments. However, what does one do when the sun is shining at its Zenith and the heat becomes unbearable?

Besides for finding shelter in your nearest King Pie store, here are a few tips on how to stay cool and fresh this Spring.



It’s always good science, to keep yourself hydrated with some government juice, so make sure you drink between 6 and 10 glasses of water per day. Heat can be exhausting if an adequate amount of water isn’t consumed, daily.


Keep cool and don’t drape yourself in heavy layers. Heat is trapped by Synthetic fibre, but cotton, on the other hand, absorbs perspiration and its evaporation. So stock up on the light and cotton-based, this Spring.


Sunscreen helps protect your skin, keeps you looking young and decreases chances of skin damage. So, no sunscreen no play!

  1. 50 SHADES OF RAY:

A decent pair of sunglasses will aid in protecting your eyes, minimising brightness and helping you look cool and trendy. So be sure to get yourself a pair of stunners this Spring.


We hope you’re as excited about Spring as we are, and that these tips help you to keep it chilled and crispy in the heat.

Don’t forget to visit your nearest King Pie Store, get your fix of your favourite pie, and an ice-cold drink to wash it down.


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Giving Back with King Pie

For all of us at King Pie, giving back to the communities of our wonderful country is something that we cherish. Our objective is to give love, joy, excitement and opportunities to the youth (the future of South Africa).

King Pie’s competitions afford our fellow funky South Africans the chance to win meals, airtime and R100 000 in cash. Our competitions are fun for all involved, but the best part for us is seeing the smiles on the faces of all of our prize winners.

King Pie is also serious about making the world a better place for children. We sponsor Youth Zone sporting events and colouring in competitions for children, across the country, and we love every minute of time we get to spend with these special children.
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We always thought that a great pie is filled with love, and we have enough love to make Mnandi-licious pies and put Mnandi-licious smiles on the faces of South Africans.

Selling delicious pies allows us to be able to put smiles on the faces of South Africa’s children. Why not stop by your nearest King Pie store for a Chicken, Steak & Kidney or Pepper Steak Pie with a side of your choice.