Black athlete crouching with weight in gym

Awesome Activities for Spring

In the one of our August blog posts, we discussed a few creative ways to keep cool during the warmer conditions we’ll be facing during Spring. In keeping with the theme of the new season and the warmer weather it brings with it, we have decided to give you a few fun activities for Spring.

Warmer weather means you get to go out more, do exciting things, and enjoy a King Pie or two. Below, we look at a few feel-good activities that will probably be conducive to you having a Mnandi-licious season.

Hit the Gym

Exercise isn’t only great for your physical appearance. In fact, there are a host of other benefits that come with occasionally hitting the gym. If you want to feel better, think better, be sharper and have more energy – then you should definitely include more gym time in your Spring schedule.

Keep Walking

Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that is available to everyone. Walking helps to strengthen your heart, and tone up both your legs and buttocks. So, if breaking a sweat through high-impact exercises at the gym isn’t your thing, then taking a long walk is a brilliant alternative.

Take it back to the beach

From the glorious beachfronts of Durban to the scenic waters of Cape Town, there is a lot to enjoy from the Mzansi coastline. So why not fly down or, even better, road trip to one of these wonderful locations?


This is another low-impact activity, which is amazing for your health and all round happiness. Spending time in water helps you feel good, while also strengthening muscles. Also, swimming pools go hand-in-hand with pool parties. Who doesn’t love a good pool party?

Visit your nearest King Pie store

With our delicious, mouth-watering variety of Mnandi-licious pies, baked with the finest ingredients, visiting a King Pie stores is always a good idea. Along with our tasty pies, we have plenty of cooling refreshments to keep your days extra cool.

Make the most of the sunny weather and clear, blue skies this Spring. Don’t hesitate to come into a King Pie, and take advantage of one of our Mnandi-licious deals.