Portrait of a young woman sitting at home with pen and paper

Goal Setting with King Pie

Success in committing to your new year’s resolutions requires thorough planning.

If you’ve ever tasted our Mnandi-licious Steak & Kidney Pie or Chicken Pie, you’ll understand why we are so meticulous about our ingredients and blending them together to bring you the freshest pies in Mzansi.

Being meticulous about our pies is ingrained in us. It is a goal that we set ourselves with every new year, and we adhere to never lose our high standards.

2017 is here, and the best way to get the best out of the next twelve months, is to set up some goals for yourself, and here’s why.

Goal setting is a method of deciding and strategising what you want to achieve in life and here is what King Pie believes to be the formula in setting goals and achieving them in a realistic timeframe.

Be specific:

Write down (in detail) what it is you want to achieve, make sure you have an elaborate understanding of the price tag to achieve it.

Measure your goals

Each goal should have a check point, so that you track your progress. This provides you with insight on how far you’ve come and how far you still must go.


Start with what you have and start where you are. To avoid disappointment, do some research on what will be required to achieve your goal and if you have the resources required to accomplish your goal.

Goals should be realistic:

Your goal should complement your skills and talents, so don’t set out a goal that does not match with your abilities or attributes.


Every goal should have a deadline to help you fully commit to the task at hand. If your goals are not timebound, pressure and passion can be depleted. This increases the likelihood of never achieving them. Commit to your deadlines and dedicate enough time.

We hope 2017 is a prosperous year for you, and that you accomplish all you set out to do. Just remember to take a break, grab something to eat, better yet a King Pie meal, and your energy should be restored.