King Pie: Affordable Fun for Everyone

The April holiday season is right around the corner, schools are closing, and many people are excited about the extra time off to spend with family and friends

If you’re not going away during the April break, and don’t have any extravagant plans lined up. Here are some awesome board games you could enjoy while you feast like a king and enjoy a mnandi-licious meal.

30 Seconds

30 seconds is based on general knowledge, and allows for over 8 participants. 30 seconds is all about team efforts, so if you enjoy team work, this should be fun.


Grab some King Pie, get on the floor and reign supreme in the big bad world of property. Best thing about Monopoly, is that the story can go on for hours – meaning plenty fun and a lot of quality time.

Snakes and Ladders

If you’re that enthusiastic about 30 Seconds or Monopoly, this game is pretty straight forward, and requires less creativity and strategising.


Checkmate! One of the oldest bored games of all time, Chess is about strategy, time and a pinch of patience. Best thing about Chess…is the suspense, similar to the feeling you get, when you’re waiting for you meal at King Pie.

Best thing about King Pie, is we’re open during holiday’s, in addition with new additions to the King Pie menu like our Peri-Peri Chicken Burger Pie, there’s no better time to pop in. holidays