South Africa is a Beautiful Country

South Africa is one the most beautiful countries in the world. That’s all thanks to the magnificent landscapes, amazing people and of course King Pie.

There’s so much to love and admire about our beautiful nation, and that’s why thought we’d share these interesting facts about SA.

Homeland of Sports.

South Africa is currently the one of two countries (England) currently in the world that has hosted the Rugby, Cricket and Soccer World Cup.

The iconic Table Mountain is perceived to be one of the world’s oldest mountains, and one of 12 energy centres in the world. Quite interesting…

Wealth of resources

As you may know, our beautiful country is rich in mining and minerals. Mzansi is also considered a world leader in minerals, with over 85% of all platinum metals in the world and approximately 40% of gold in the entire world.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners in One Street

Former President Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu are both Nobel Peace Prize winners. Even more interesting…is that Nelson, and Desmond lived on the same street in Soweto. What a coincidence.

Three Capital Cities one Country.

South Africa has not one, or two, but three capital cities. Pretoria is the executive, capital, Cape Town is the legislative and Bloemfontein the Judicial Capital.

Home of King Pie

South Africa is home to the most Mnandi-licious pies in the motherland…And that is part of the reason why SA is such an incredible country to live in. With over 200 outlets nationwide, there’s 200 more reasons why SA is the best place to be.

Are you looking for a something tasty to bite on the move? Well why don’t you visit your nearest King Pie outlet for an affordable, Mnandi-licious, on-the-go meal.