King Pie is For Everyone

Synonymous with delicious or better yet Mnandi-licious, King Pie is all you’ll ever need to get through this winter. Whether the rays of the sunshine are scorching your back or the gusts of icy wind freeze your ears – our meals are winter warmers and summer coolers. So either way, you’re good with King Pie. There is never a bad day to enjoy the savoury and meaty taste of our Steak & Kidney pie or the zesty flavours of our Peri-Peri Chicken Burger pie. That is why so many South Africans have trusted us to deliver the best quality pies for over 23 years

With our kiddie’s meals, and budget-friendly meal like Super Saver, or the Value Meal, everyone in the family can afford to enjoy a King Pie meal.

June is the epicenter of winter in Mzansi, and we understand that cold weather tends to make some people less “sociable.” Don’t feel like travelling too far for a meal? Well not to worry then. With over King 200 outlets available nationwide, we make it easier for our King Pie for to be able of find, so there’s really no excuse not locate an outlet near you.

Are you hungry but you’re always on-the-go? Well…You’re part of the King Pie Royal family, beat the hunger and quickly pop in to your nearest King Pie outlet.

With our amazing menu, we give you a 1000 reasons why you don’t have to settle for nothing but the best pies in Mzansi.

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