SET UP COST: Approximately R625 071.00 (ex vat)

The King Pie Store model is the most versatile retail format sized between 25-40 sqm depending on the retail space available.

These shops are designed to perform at its best in shopping centres, high street locations and preference is given to a corner shop situated next to an anchor tenant with high foot traffic.

Preference will be given to corner shops and high foot traffic area is a determining factor.

All equipment and shop fitment is included in the investment price.

The King Pie Store sells the following products: Pies, Chips, Cold Drinks. In addition, you can sell Slush Puppies, Ice Cream and Coffee.

Joining fee for a new franchisee initial (Initial Fee/Training/Contract Fee)

R60 000.00 (ex vat)

Management Service Fee (MSF)

Month 1: R5 000.00 (ex vat)

Month 2 to 12: 3,5% on previous month’s turnover

Month 13 onwards: 5% on previous month’s turnover

Marketing Fee

Month 1: R1 500.00 (ex vat)

Month 2 to 12: 1% on previous month’s turnover

Month 12 onwards: 1,5% on previous month’s turnover

Average Turnover

Approximately R180 000 per month

*Terms of franchise agreement is for 5 years

*The specifications and requirements may change depending on the list

King Pie Stores

Types of King Pie stores you can purchase

King Pie Stores
King Pie Store

Our most versatile retail format, designed for prime spots in shopping centres.

King Pie Kiosks
King Pie Kiosk

An easy-to-assemble modular set-up for high-traffic walkways in shopping centres.

King Pie Mobile Food Kiosk
Mobile Kiosk

A smaller, satellite sales point attached to an existing franchise located nearby.

King Pie Express Units
Express Unit

A pre-fabricated sales unit that can be set up almost anywhere and running in no time.

Join the King Pie family now

King Pie Stores are perfect for in-store locations that have a high amount of foot traffic. Ideally situated near anchor stores, they are designed to be versatile and easy to find. These stores are a great way for franchises to establish themselves in certain areas.

Footlong - Cheese Russian
Burger - Chicken Peri Peri Burger
Large Pepper Steak Ingredients
Large Steak & Kidney Pie Ingredients
Large Salami and Cheese Pie Ingredients
Large Spinach and Feta Pie Ingredients
Large Cornish Pie Ingredients
Burger - Cheese Burger
Burger - Chicken Burger
Burger - Prego Beef Burger
Footlong - Boerie
Cocktail - Chicken
Cocktail - Beef Sausgae Roll
Cocktail - Cheese & Onion
Double Filla - Butter Chicken
Double Filla - Chicken & Mushroom
Double Filla - Chicken Ala King
Double Filla - Chicken Mayo
Double Filla - Pepper Steak
Double Filla - Spicy Beef
Double Filla - Steak & Cheese
Double Filla - Steak & Kidney
Chicken Ingredients