The Making of a Rich Legacy and Heritage

The King Pie Story

As we celebrate our South African heritage this month, it is only apt that we look and dive into King Pie’s rich legacy and vibrant heritage, one that has kept South Africans happy and full with the mnandi-licious tastes of each mouth-watering pie.

Our heritage and story is a special one, because for nearly three decades, we have delivered world-class pies to royal fans around the country. Our journey began in 1993, with the original concept going as far back as 1990. 30 years ago, a baker with the vision to create fresh and delicious pies, opened his first bakery. It was here that the journey and legacy of the King Pie brand we know and love today began.

In 1990, the King Pie bakery opened for the first time in Silverton Pretoria. This bakery set the stage for what we have come to know and love today. Using only the best ingredients, the pies were baked daily in an open-styled bakery as customers witnessed the preparation and baking as they enjoyed the smells and tastes of each fresh pie.

After three years as a popular local bakery, the King Pie Franchise Group was born. In 1993, the ultimate King Pie kingdom around the country was developed, franchising the brand into 45 territories with pie making factories.

We haven’t looked back since, and have enjoyed every minute walking this journey with our royal family. During the almost 30 years we’ve been the King Pie brand, we have carefully and enthusiastically crafted our pies. From choosing the most delicious flavours, to where we open stores around the country, at every touchpoint we apply our simple but important ethos. This ethos has stood strong over many years and is quite simple, to ensure consistent quality, lovingly created pies with outstanding tastes maintaining the rich heritage and legacy we have built.

Each year, we have grown, reached new milestones and created a community of pie lovers across South Africa. Today, The King Pie Group consists of over 266 franchises, in around 40 areas across the country, and forms part of the Bidvest Group Limited.

At King Pie, we are extremely proud of our heritage and legacy. We will continue to deliver quality, value for money products that are mnandi-licious as we continue to strive for excellence, whether it be personally or as a team.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every royal customer who have helped us build an incredible community and family. We exist to deliver you the best pies in South Africa and appreciate all the love you share with us on a daily basis.

We look forward to the future and what it holds for us as a company and a brand.

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