King Pie is For Everyone

Synonymous with delicious or better yet Mnandi-licious, King Pie is all you’ll ever need to get through this winter. Whether the rays of the sunshine are scorching your back or the gusts of icy wind freeze your ears – our meals are winter warmers and summer coolers. So either way, you’re good with King Pie. There is never a bad day to enjoy the savoury and meaty taste of our Steak & Kidney pie or the zesty flavours of our Peri-Peri Chicken Burger pie. That is why so many South Africans have trusted us to deliver the best quality pies for over 23 years

With our kiddie’s meals, and budget-friendly meal like Super Saver, or the Value Meal, everyone in the family can afford to enjoy a King Pie meal.

June is the epicenter of winter in Mzansi, and we understand that cold weather tends to make some people less “sociable.” Don’t feel like travelling too far for a meal? Well not to worry then. With over King 200 outlets available nationwide, we make it easier for our King Pie for to be able of find, so there’s really no excuse not locate an outlet near you.

Are you hungry but you’re always on-the-go? Well…You’re part of the King Pie Royal family, beat the hunger and quickly pop in to your nearest King Pie outlet.

With our amazing menu, we give you a 1000 reasons why you don’t have to settle for nothing but the best pies in Mzansi.


South Africa is a Beautiful Country

South Africa is one the most beautiful countries in the world. That’s all thanks to the magnificent landscapes, amazing people and of course King Pie.

There’s so much to love and admire about our beautiful nation, and that’s why thought we’d share these interesting facts about SA.

Homeland of Sports.

South Africa is currently the one of two countries (England) currently in the world that has hosted the Rugby, Cricket and Soccer World Cup.

The iconic Table Mountain is perceived to be one of the world’s oldest mountains, and one of 12 energy centres in the world. Quite interesting…

Wealth of resources

As you may know, our beautiful country is rich in mining and minerals. Mzansi is also considered a world leader in minerals, with over 85% of all platinum metals in the world and approximately 40% of gold in the entire world.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners in One Street

Former President Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu are both Nobel Peace Prize winners. Even more interesting…is that Nelson, and Desmond lived on the same street in Soweto. What a coincidence.

Three Capital Cities one Country.

South Africa has not one, or two, but three capital cities. Pretoria is the executive, capital, Cape Town is the legislative and Bloemfontein the Judicial Capital.

Home of King Pie

South Africa is home to the most Mnandi-licious pies in the motherland…And that is part of the reason why SA is such an incredible country to live in. With over 200 outlets nationwide, there’s 200 more reasons why SA is the best place to be.

Are you looking for a something tasty to bite on the move? Well why don’t you visit your nearest King Pie outlet for an affordable, Mnandi-licious, on-the-go meal.


8 Reasons Why People Love King Pie

There is no moment more memorable…then when you put your teeth through freshly baked pie from King Pie. Our Pie are filled with an array of flavours, and are succulent enough to cause a flood of mnandi-liciousness in your mouth.

  1. You can find us nationwide

With over a 100 outlets in South Africa, it’s almost impossible not to be able to locate a King Pie outlet.

  1. Different meal for different budgets

For your convenience, King Pie has five different types of mnandi-licious meals, all designed to suit your pocket. So, with King Pie you have a vast choice from as affordable as R25 and upwards.

3:   We have two new pies to our menu

In February 2017, King Pie introduced two, new mnandi-licious pies to our menu, the Prego Beef Burger Pie and the Peri-Peri Chicken Burger Pie. Either one of these two new burger pies is enough reason to visit one of our outlets.

4:    100% Meat

All our pies are baked with 100% pure beef and chicken, and no meat replacers, to provide you with the freshest and tastiest, at all times.

5: We have experience in bringing you the freshest pies

King Pie, was established in 1993. With that being said, we have been dealing with consumers for over 20 years. Even with all the experience we have, innovation is key and we plan to continue improving our successful King Pie recipe.


King Pie: Affordable Fun for Everyone

The April holiday season is right around the corner, schools are closing, and many people are excited about the extra time off to spend with family and friends

If you’re not going away during the April break, and don’t have any extravagant plans lined up. Here are some awesome board games you could enjoy while you feast like a king and enjoy a mnandi-licious meal.

30 Seconds

30 seconds is based on general knowledge, and allows for over 8 participants. 30 seconds is all about team efforts, so if you enjoy team work, this should be fun.


Grab some King Pie, get on the floor and reign supreme in the big bad world of property. Best thing about Monopoly, is that the story can go on for hours – meaning plenty fun and a lot of quality time.

Snakes and Ladders

If you’re that enthusiastic about 30 Seconds or Monopoly, this game is pretty straight forward, and requires less creativity and strategising.


Checkmate! One of the oldest bored games of all time, Chess is about strategy, time and a pinch of patience. Best thing about Chess…is the suspense, similar to the feeling you get, when you’re waiting for you meal at King Pie.

Best thing about King Pie, is we’re open during holiday’s, in addition with new additions to the King Pie menu like our Peri-Peri Chicken Burger Pie, there’s no better time to pop in. holidays


New Kings in Town

At King Pie, South Africa, we constantly look for new ways to expand and enhance our array of Mnandi-liscious pies. Whether it be, adding new ingredients and flavours to our existing pie menu or creating a whole new pie entirely.

Our pies are designed to perform at the highest standards, and that’s why our fillings contain 100% pure beef and chicken, without meat fillings. In addition to our prevailing mnandi-licious pie menu. We’d like to introduce two, new, mouthwatering burger pies to the King Pie family, the new delicious Peri-Peri Chicken-Burger Pie and Prego Beef Burger Pie.

Our new Peri Peri Burger Pie, is a blend of distinct flavours that bring this burger pie to life. With a chicken burger patty infused in a zesty Peri-Peri sauce. This pie is for the individual that appreciates the more piquant meal. So, if you love a bit of zing and fieriness in your pie, our new Peri-Peri Burger Pie is a must have.

The Prego pie – inspired by the renowned Italian pasta sauce, and a love for beef burgers – with a bit less zest but a whole lot of blended flavours. Specially designed for the beef burger enthusiast, our Prego Beef Burger Pie, is everything you’d expect from a burger. Only difference, is that your burger is wrapped in 84 layers of trans-fat traditional pastry. Mnandi-licious indeed!

Don’t be the last to taste one of our amazing new burger pies. Whether you enjoy chicken or beef burgers. Go to your nearest King Pie, and enjoy 220g of quality and value for only R22.90, add a 500ml Coke to complete your meal, and Feast Like a King.

Portrait of a young woman sitting at home with pen and paper

Goal Setting with King Pie

Success in committing to your new year’s resolutions requires thorough planning.

If you’ve ever tasted our Mnandi-licious Steak & Kidney Pie or Chicken Pie, you’ll understand why we are so meticulous about our ingredients and blending them together to bring you the freshest pies in Mzansi.

Being meticulous about our pies is ingrained in us. It is a goal that we set ourselves with every new year, and we adhere to never lose our high standards.

2017 is here, and the best way to get the best out of the next twelve months, is to set up some goals for yourself, and here’s why.

Goal setting is a method of deciding and strategising what you want to achieve in life and here is what King Pie believes to be the formula in setting goals and achieving them in a realistic timeframe.

Be specific:

Write down (in detail) what it is you want to achieve, make sure you have an elaborate understanding of the price tag to achieve it.

Measure your goals

Each goal should have a check point, so that you track your progress. This provides you with insight on how far you’ve come and how far you still must go.


Start with what you have and start where you are. To avoid disappointment, do some research on what will be required to achieve your goal and if you have the resources required to accomplish your goal.

Goals should be realistic:

Your goal should complement your skills and talents, so don’t set out a goal that does not match with your abilities or attributes.


Every goal should have a deadline to help you fully commit to the task at hand. If your goals are not timebound, pressure and passion can be depleted. This increases the likelihood of never achieving them. Commit to your deadlines and dedicate enough time.

We hope 2017 is a prosperous year for you, and that you accomplish all you set out to do. Just remember to take a break, grab something to eat, better yet a King Pie meal, and your energy should be restored.


How to Bake Mince Pies

King Pie’s passion for food and people, is so intense, that we make sure we use only the finest ingredients when baking one of our Mnandi-licious pies, to make sure we provide the same consistent quality from our chicken pies all the way to our steak & kidney pies.

One of the oldest Christmas traditions, is the baking of mince pies, and with the 25th of December just around the corner, we thought you might like to extend the pie tradition into your homes. Even though this is not a King Pie recipe, there’s no harm in making your own delicious pastries, this Festive Season.

Firstly, you’ll need:

  • 225g butter
  • 350g plain flour
  • 100g golden caster sugar
  • 280g mincemeat
  • 2 apples
  • 1 small egg &
  • Icing sugar
  • 2 apples
  • 2 Satsumas


Once you’ve got all your ingredients ready:


  1. Place the flour and butter into a bowl and rub together into a crumb consistency. Add sugar and egg, and mix together. Put onto a floured surface and fold until pastry comes together.


  1. Set the mincemeat into a bowl, and add apples and satsumas


  1. Pre-heat oven to 220C. Once oven is heated, roll out pastry into muffin trays


  1. Bake the mince pies for 15 – 20 minutes until golden brown. Leave to cool before releasing them from the muffin trays.


And then, all that’s left is to enjoy your home-made pies with your loved ones, over Christmas. At King Pie, we understand how difficult it is to resist pie, whether apple pie, mince pies, blueberry pies, and most of all, King Pie’s pies. Make sure to visit your nearest King Pie outlet, this December.


Places to Have Fun in December

At King Pie, we love December, people and bringing smiles to our customers’ faces. We make sure that every single one of our customers feel welcomed when they walk through our doors with our irresistibly Mnandi-licious meals.

December is arguably the liveliest month in Mzansi, and oh, do South Africans love December. Loaded with epic events and adventurous activities, there is so much to do and see during the festive season, but where does one start?

With over 280 King Pie outlets in South Africa, and neighbouring countries, we’ve acquired a bit of geographical knowledge and insight on where to go during December. So, in the spirit of the festive season, we’ve compiled a list of five invaluable destinations where you are guaranteed a memorable time next month.

Orlando Towers Adventure Centre

Located on the outer region of Africa’s largest township, Soweto, the Orlando Towers offers a host of awesome activities like bungee jumping, power swinging and abseiling. If you love breathtaking events and enjoy outdoor activities, the Orlando Towers should definitely be on your December itinerary.

Table Mountain

This prominent landmark overlooks the stunning Mother City, Cape Town, and is one of the most visited attractions in South Africa. Experience getting to the top of the mountain, either by hiking or using cableway, and immerse yourself in the majestic views.

Gold Reef City Theme park

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, enjoy thrill rides and love swirl lollipops, then you’re probably not going to be enthusiastic about going back home after visiting Gold Reef City Theme park. From roller coasters to water rides, there is a ride for everybody in the family at this amazing theme park.

Kruger National Park

One of the largest game reserves in Africa, Kruger Park is home to many of our countries indigenous wildlife and features South Africa’s Big 5.

Ushaka Wet ‘n Wild

Situated inside Ushaka Marine world, Ushaka Wet ‘n Wild features fresh water slides and pools, and hosts the highest water slide in the Southern hemisphere.

The best thing about all these lovely cities, is that we have King Pie outlets in these and surrounding areas, so you never should feel apart from your favourite Pie company.


The Rhythm of our Mnandi-licious Pie

Music is a universal language, not discriminating colour or creed, nor holding any prejudice. Without music, many of us would live more boring, less enriching lives. And, we happen to feel the same way about King Pie. If life was a blank A4 piece of paper – music would be the colouring pastels, and a Pie from King Pie would be the flavour.

Because South Africa has a massive Hip-Hop following, we’ve decided to share some of our music passion with all you Pie Lovers out there. Whether you’re jamming in the club, closing your eyes to your headphones or playing some beats in the comfort of your home – any album, artist or song can be perfectly accompanied by one of King Pie’s Mnandi-licious pies.

Here’s why we believe the following artists’ music to be as Mnandi-licious as a meal from King Pie.

Cassper Nyovest

The Mafikeng-born artist is an innovative musician, always looking for ways to grow and prosper, as an artist. Unlike others who have tried and failed, Cassper has found a formula that works for him, and both of his albums have gone platinum. Business seems to be booming for this South African Hip-Hop favourite.


Ever since Emtee released his debut single entitled “Roll Up”, in 2015, his career has sky-rocketed and the Ambitiouz Entertainment endorsed star has never looked back. Predominantly influenced by Trap music, Emtee specialises in hit making and has found his niche in creating catchy melodies and gimmicks over Trap beats.


The former Cashtime artist is as authentic as they come. Kid X’s idiosyncratic style of music is influenced by the sounds of Kwaito. With the perfect combination of Hip-Hop and Kwaito – KiD X delivers a sound that is uniquely him, and authentically raps in both English and vernacular.

Nasty C

Born Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo, better known by his stage name, Nasty C, this artist is undoubtedly one of the hottest newcomers in the game. Ever since the young king made his debut on DJ Switch’s 2015 Hit, The Way It Go, he hasn’t taken a breather and doesn’t plan to – as we’ve all heard in his single, Hell Naw.

Khuli Chana

If there’s a rapper who’s been consistent with his craft, it’s Khuli Chana. The Motswako originator, is a Hip-Hop pioneer creating his own, original style of Hip-Hop. This artist is one who has stayed true to his craft – never attempting to conform.

So, next time you’re listening to one of these artists, and many other brilliant South African artists, whom we would gladly mention if space and time were of no consequence, step into one of our King Pie stores, and complement your beats with a Mnandi-licious pie.

R100 000 Cash prize winner

We’ve got another King Pie Winner

There’s nothing more satisfying than to fletcherize one of our Mnandi-licious King Pie meals, and complete your meal with a cool beverage.

Here at King Pie South Africa, we love helping people realise their dreams and flourish to their full potential, so best believe, dreams do come true, with King Pie.

Speaking of dreams coming true, we would like to congratulate the proud winner of a R100 000 Cash prize – Cordelia Nhathi. Cordelia, who bought a King Pie meal on the 7th of July, from King Pie Makopane Shoprite probably had no idea about what was coming next. Aged 28, Cordelia is a mother of two and is over-the-moon about her prize money.

Cordelia is currently unemployed, and plans to use the money to get and education and study bookkeeping, which will not only empower her, but help her to secure her children’s future. We wish Cordelia well and much luck in her academic endeavors.

Who knows… you, too, could be the next winner of a R100 000, so think like a winner, and step into your nearest King Pie and enjoy South Africa’s favourite Pies.